New Find: Ongoing Series of Barb and Carole’s House Finds


Published June 24, 2022


Estate properties with luxury pool areas…porch additions…condos with amazing storage spaces. Do you love looking at interesting homes even if you are NOT thinking or even considering buying right now? Perhaps you love getting ideas for bathrooms, kitchens or just seeing a totally fabulous home! Barb and I encounter interesting properties all of the time. Of course our first thought is…which client would like this?? I go through my Rolodex brain trying to source the right person (I know some of you will have to look Rolodex up in the dictionary…) Often there is no match, given the criteria that was given to us. But then I think of one of the most difficult buyers ever…ME!!

When we last moved, almost 25 years ago, prior to my being in real estate, I told our agent that I did NOT want to ever live in Bridlewood (this was before it had so many amenities), did NOT want a pool and MUST have an incredible kitchen. Imagine her surprise when I called her after going to an open house and told her that we wanted to buy a: house in Bridlewood with a pool and the WORST, most dysfunctional kitchen going! But…it had an amazing location that offset anything else that might have been a miss on our criteria list.

EUREKA! For those people that just enjoy looking at design items, interesting homes or “to dream about homes” we are going to be sharing pictures of interesting homes that are listed by other agents (in addition to, of course, the incredible homes that we list) and tell you WHY we find them so interesting! We invite you to join & follow either mine or Barb’s Facebook pages so that we can share our great finds with you! 

Yes, June’s new find is a bit different as it is actually New Finds plural AND it is going to be a continuing new find for you to draw on with interest, but we think that you are really going to enjoy it! Some of the interesting properties that Barb and I have seen over the years have had:

  • storage under stair steps
  • pools with integrated hot tubs
  • unlikely buildings like churches converted into fabulous homes
  • amazing outbuildings
  • design features that are so custom you would never even think of them…but they make SO much sense!

So let us know if you would like access to these pictures and ENJOY!!!

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