New Find: National Art Gallery…for Kids!


Published February 17, 2023


March 3, 2023 Update: Click here for the March Family Calendar!

When my sons were little boys, an art gallery, wherever we were, was always a definite must to visit. I made up games to play in the gallery that turned the gallery into a place of discovery! We had a few
basic rules:

  • no running
  • no touching
  • only whispering

Some of the games that we played were:

  1. Can you find it?
    The boys would have to close their eyes as I moved about one exhibit room and found various items in paintings. It might be a yellow bird in a painting. A sword. A pink horse. This works even better with just
    one child (not competing with a sibling)
  2. How Many? How many men are in paintings in this exhibit room? How many birds in paintings in this room?
  3. What was each painting done in?
    As the boys got older they would have to discern whether each piece
    was done in: oil, pastel, acrylic, encaustic, sketched etc.

Well things have certainly progressed since then with the National Art Gallery on Sussex Drive conducting amazing programs, many free with admission, for children!

Coming up in March:

What activities have you done with your family at an art gallery? Please share!

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