Neighbourhood Highlight: Longfields, Barrhaven


Published November 16, 2023

Last edited April 04, 2024


Stonebridge, Hearts Desire, Chapman Mills, Half Moon Bay….Longfields. All neighbourhoods in what is known as Barrhaven. This community thrives off of location with great access to the rest of Ottawa due to amazing public transportation. However, you really don’t need to go anywhere else as Barrhaven really does have all of the amenities you could need close at hand. For this blog, we are going to focus on one of the most central neighbourhoods of Longfields. 

Longfields is part of the large neighbourhood known as Longfields/Davidson Heights and really forms the heart of Barrhaven. During the late 90s, Barrhaven began its most recent expansion (aside from its original founding) and Longfields was a large part of this. This area is a mix of residential homes, greenspaces, an amazing selection of schools as well as mixed use commercial plazas providing endless amenities for the area’s residents. There is a mix of single family homes, semi-detached home and townhomes. Currently the neighbourhood is seeing some growth in the form of stacked condos as well. The majority of residents are families that are married with children, thus the amount of parks and greenspaces available along with the great school selection. Businesses are also integrating into this community, further making it an ideal spot to move. People can now walk to a cafe, grocery store, pharmacy, restaurant or fast food. 


Juluca’s Italian Restaurant– 13 Longfields Dr

Ayini South Asian Restaurant -605 Longfields Dr

Longfields Compounding Pharmacy  – 613 Longfields Dr 

Carmelito Cafe– 605 Longfields Dr

Mad Radish Gourmet Fast Food – 34 Highbury Park Dr.

Farm Boy – 1581 Greenbank Rd

Al-Raheem South Asian/Middle Eastern Marketplace -34 Highbury Park Dr 


  • Berrigan Elementary School (JK – Grade 6)
  • École Élémentaire Catholique Pierre Elliotte Trudeau (French Catholic – JK – Grade 6)
  • Monsignor Paul Baxter School (JK – Grade 6)
  • St. Luke School (Catholic – JK – Grade 6)
  • Michaelle Jean Public School (French Public – JK – Grade 8)
  • Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School (JK – Grade 6)
  • St. Andrew School (Catholic – JK – Grade 6)
  • Farley Mowat Public School (JK – Grade 6)
  • École Elémentaire Jean Robert Gauthier (French Catholic – JK – Grade 6)
  • St. Emily School (Catholic – JK – Grade 6)
  • Chapman Mills Public School (JK – Grade 6)
  • Longfields Davidson Heights Public School (Grade 7 – 12)
  • St. Mother Teresa Catholic High School (Catholic – Grade 7 – 12)

The average household income in the area is $140,000 with 76% of the population being employed outside of the home in the fields of sales or public service. 82% of homes are owned which is a great number to see! The majority of rentals are townhomes or stacked condos. 

Great access to amenities is enjoyed by all with numerous greenspaces, medical clinics, restaurants, library, pharmacies, grocery stores, retail shops, boutiques, big box stores and a large variety of places of worship…there is something for every walk of life. That being said, there are also numerous retirement residences in the area as well, both established well-known ones as well as some newer ones. 

One of the amenities most loved by Longfields residents are the greenspaces and the ability to walk to any given one or to walk to any amenities nearby as well. 


  • Ken Ross Park
  • Water Dragon Park
  • Berrigan Skate Park
  • Mulligan Park
  • Leatherleaf Park
  • Watershield Park
  • Neil Nesbitt Park
  • Utman Park
  • North Harrow Park
  • Rodeo Park
  • Calaveras Park
  • Palmadeo Park
  • Finchley Park
  • Greenpointe Park
  • Panda Park
  • Mancini Park (also features pickleball courts)
  • Stinson Park
  • Rippleridge Park
  • Grovehurst Park
  • Branchwood Park
  • Gus Estes Park
  • Cresthaven Park
  • Furness Park
  • Rosetta Park
  • Dylan Way Park
  • Knowlton Park
  • Redpath Park

We currently have a great opportunity for someone to live in the heart of Longfields in a gorgeous, renovated semi-detached home. Finding a semi-detached is such a wonderful thing! You get some of the benefits of a single family home without the cost. And this one is a STUNNER! Located at 30 Boulder Way, this home has a brand new kitchen and appliances, updated ensuite, finished basement with 4th bedroom, new flooring and more. Contact us for more details. 

Do you have a favourite spot in Longfields? Please tell us in the comment section below!

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