Kanata Golf & Country Club Update


Published May 18, 2023


I am smiling!!  Things are looking up regarding the Kanata Golf and Country Club proposed development by ClubLink. Recently, as a sponsor of the Kanata Seniors Council, I attended the opening breakfast of their annual Far West Fun Fest. One of the attendees was the Kanata North City Councillor, Cathy Curry. We chatted following the breakfast and I left totally elated about the prospects of greenspace continuing to exist!

Why elated? Councillor Curry has spelled out the status of the development proposal and reviewed the hurdles that any developer will face in an excellent update given in April

  1. Major infrastructure approvals needed: in order for a Storm Water Management plan to be acceptable, where water from the golf course lands could drain right out to the Ottawa River, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, drainage pipe (that currently runs under City-owned and NCC-owned land) and major infrastructure would need to be replaced. The City of Ottawa is under no obligation to replace its drainage infrastructure out to the Ottawa River through the Kizell Drain and has no plans to. If the City says “no” to pipe and infrastructure changes, the matter ends there. If the City’s real estate division, whose land would have to be accessed, says “no,” the matter ends there.

  2. NCC Approval would be needed in any NCC land affected. Whenever the NCC does not give its approval, the project does not go forward. In addition, downstream users of water that originated on the golf course (after years of pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides) have to be protected. The NCC would have jurisdiction over drainage that would affect everyone who uses the Ottawa River as a water source. That is pretty much everyone in the City of Ottawa (except those on wells) and all others, downstream.
  3. The approval of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority: wherever natural habitats are disrupted, or environmental impacts are possible (and for all things regarding storm water management), the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) would have to give its approval. If the MVCA is not satisfied, projects do not go forward.
  4. The power of the City of Ottawa: If ClubLink were somehow able to pass all of the hurdles above, the City, under the provisions of the Provincial Planning Act, has the power to grant or not grant building permits, site plan approvals, road allowances, drainage permits…the list is almost endless.  

And I left the gathering full of hope. Continue to let your voices be heard though. You can contact Councillor Curry at cathy.curry@ottawa.ca

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