Carole’s Salad Dressing Formula


Published November 08, 2022


I hate bottled salad dressing! I grew up with Kraft Catalina dressing as a staple in my household. We progressed over the years to Kraft this and Kraft that….blue cheese, french…Kraft made them all adding the magic ingredients of salt, chemicals, and lots of sugar and fat. Then Caesar salad came onto the scene and I still go into a state of oblivion when eating my sister Judith’s Caesar salad which contains a small field of garlic in each bowl! Sooo good!!

Just because the pool is closed, you have put away your speedo for the season and your lawn mower has been replaced with a snow blower are not reasons to be foregoing salads. We have THE most delicious salad greens delivered from Bryson Farms weekly and micro greens are available from both Microgreens Ottawa and Valley Microgreens . Should you be destroying these with my mother’s favourite Kraft Catalina? NEVER!

My dear friend Lucie made the best salads ever. Her salad dressing recipe was actually a formula! This now allows me to revise & move with ease from a heavy beet salad with beets, feta cheese and toasted walnuts to the ever so delicate microgreens, pear, chèvre and toasted pecans.


Salad Dressing Formula

2 tbsp oil (good olive oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, coconut oil) Grace In The Kitchen has so many! 

1 tbsp sweet (maple syrup, honey, dark honey)

1 tbsp acid (vinegar, fresh citrus juice)

1 tsp mustard (Dijon, whole grain, champagne mustard & many more Jacobsons has amazing mustard choices!) 

Salt & pepper (I like Malden salt but there are many out there to try, check out Jacobsons for different salt & pepper varieties)

NOW… add some variety to your life and spice it up, using different ingredients! Pretend it is summer again!

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