All the full-length testimonials from Barb & Carole’s past clients.




Working with Barb & Carole was a real pleasure. Moving can be a very stressful life event, and both Carole and Barbara were readily available to answer all questions and help prep you all along the way.

What a team! Thank you for all the support you provided.

Joanne liked our availability the most.

Deepa & Anil

Buyers and sellers

In the middle of a meteoric and insanely difficult housing market for buyers, especially in Kanata Lakes, we contacted Carole to help us. She is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with her time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends over the course of several months).
Whenever she couldn’t make it, Barbara accompanied us.

Carole and Barbara answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly.

At times, out of frustration we wanted to buy whatever would come on the market, but Carole was honest and kept us on track, saying “This is not the right house for you!!”.
Buying a home in this market is challenging, but working with Barb & Carole made it as painless and straightforward as possible.

We also worked with Barb & Carole on selling our townhouse. When we made the decision to sell, I asked Carole “How long would it take to sell the house?” and she responded, “Within a day!”.
She proposed an efficient sale process, arranged the staging and photographs, and gave us good and thoughtful advice on finishing the house.

The sale went very well – Carole brought in 10 offers in 3 days, all way above asking price with no conditions!

We highly recommend them and can’t wait to work with them again.

Deepa & Anil liked our patience and honesty the most.

Carolina & Paul

Repeat sellers and buyers

We have sold two of our houses in the past few years, and the only agents we would ever consider working with are Barb and Carole.

We unreservedly recommend them. Carole and Barbara, get along with absolutely everybody – and that is an extremely important asset given that they must negotiate with many professionals as they work for you.

You will see, the minute you meet Carole, what a positive and calming personality she has. When she says that we can put all our worries on her shoulders, she means it, no matter what issue comes up.

In our case, she had to deal with a variety of issues and she was able to find the right solution immediately. I was amazed at the extent of her network, in every field.

What we also appreciated is that we, as homeowners, were getting ready to make certain changes to our house before it was listed, but Carole was consistently able to direct our efforts to exactly the right issues, explaining what needed to be done and what did not. She was absolutely right, which we know, because of buyer feedback. She saved us a lot of time and money.

In my opinion, and in that of the people to who I recommended her, Carole is one of the most trustworthy, professional, intelligent and radiantly positive agents you could ever work with.

Carolina & Paul liked our positivity the most.

Le-Anne & Trevor

Investment buyers

If you are looking for wonderful service and excellent results, look no further than Barb & Carole.

Carole and Barbara’s attention to details and quick response to the whole process of buying an investment property was very appreciated, especially as clients who were dealing with the purchase from out of town.

When it came down to looking at the properties, Carole’s pre-research really helped narrowing down the choices in a manageable and time-sensitive way. She provided us with contacts as we started our renovations.

Thanks to Barb & Carole's hard work, we are very pleased with our new property!

Le-Anne & Trevor liked our market knowledge and research the most.



I had spent quite a bit of time looking online for properties in the area we wanted, but within a few hours of calling Carole, we received some great places to look at – one of which we ended up purchasing.

Moving to Ottawa, we didn’t feel we were being pushed into buying something we didn’t want – by having a good understanding of what we needed and wanted, Carole was able to zero in quickly to find the best solution for us. We felt like we were dealing with a friend.

We had never dealt with a realtor before; this was all new to us. Carole provided us additional support in making this large purchase and asked us how we felt about each property. She provided information on comparable sales to give us a good feel of each opportunity – we would not have known this without Carole, and may not have made the purchase so quickly, or felt as confident with our decision.

We definitely saved time by dealing with Carole; we did a single trip to Ottawa, 3 hour each way. By her preparation, we were able to see many homes in a very short amount of time and make our decision. This could not have been easier.

Karin liked our support the most.



Trabajar con Carole y su equipo ha sido una excelente experiencia. Su alto profesionalismo, inteligencia, conocimiento del mercado, y sentido del humor nos ayudaron durante le proceso de venta y compra de casa, el cual es normalmente un proceso tensionante y desgastante.

Carole ha vendido nuestras dos últimas casas y su equipo también nos ayudó a encontrar y negociar la casa en la que vivimos actualmente.

El tiempo que tomó vender nuestras casas, en las dos oportunidades, ha sido menor del esperado y óptimo para poder completar la compra de la nueva casa y mudarnos sin apuros o sin incurrir en costos adicionales. El precio de venta en los dos casos fue más alto que el que nosotros pensábamos pedir antes de contactar a Carole.

En este momento no estamos pensando en comprar o vender vivienda en el corto o mediano plazo, pero en el momento en que lo necesitemos, no dudaríamos ni por un momento en contactar a Carole y usar nuevamente sus servicios y los de su equipo. Solo nos resta decir: Gracias, muchas gracias Carole.

Miguel liked our professionalism the most.

Jane & Patrick


Thank you all so much for the amazing job in marketing our home and getting it sold in record time. They were so attentive, efficient, and effective!
We also praise the photographer and videographer. The pictures were fantastic.

We are so happy to have flipped the sign to “sold” and are grateful for all the hard work that was done. We felt as if we were the only people Carole and her team had to worry about, and that’s a rare talent.

Jane & Patrick liked our marketing the most.

Gillian & Mark

Repeat sellers and buyers

When you can find a real estate agent who spends the time to really get to know your family, their needs and desires, it’s like having an old friend helping you find the house of your dreams.

Through working with Carole over the past few years, we have come to know each other pretty well. I even think she knew what we wanted better than we did! Over the years, Carole and her team have kept our family in mind whenever an appropriate listing came up. On our first visit to the home we recently purchased, we actually said “they nailed it!”. It was perfect.

When it came time to list our house, I was amazed at the work and the effort that went into promoting it. She had many unique ideas on promoting our home to her vast network of agents around the city. She even went as far as hosting a luncheon in our kitchen to highlight our recently renovated kitchen.

As I look back on the years of knowing Carole, it’s almost bittersweet to realize we won’t be in contact as much anymore!

Overall, our experience with Carole and her team was a very positive experience and I’d recommend her services (and her friendship) to any of my friends or colleagues who are looking for a reliable, hard-working real estate agent. A million thank-yous for taking such good care of us!

Gillian & Mark liked our friendliness the most.

Dan & Angela


I was initially sceptical of using an agent, but after selling our home with Carole and her team, we are so happy we did!

Barb and Carole gave prompt email responses, which was one of the things we valued the most. Their contact network was great; professionals (like electricians) were willing to provide free advice which would have otherwise cost us a full consultation.

We are happy to have dealt with Carole and her team.

Dan & Angela liked our prompt responsiveness the most.

Jessica & Jean-François

Buyers and sellers

Five years ago, we had the great fortune of working with Barb & Carole to find and purchase our first home. The buying process was positive and seamless.

The team worked with us tirelessly at each stage: from the house search to the final details of closing, ensuring that everything happened perfectly. Two kids later, when we decided to upgrade to a larger home. We didn’t hesitate to contact this team to sell our home.

Once again, they met and surpassed our expectations from the outset of the process of preparing the house for sale to the negotiation and closing stages. Carole’s approach is positive, proactive and very comprehensive, and she is an amazingly confident and knowledgeable negotiator.

Thanks to them, we sold our home two days after listing for well over asking price, and I cannot imagine a better home buying/selling experience!

Jessica & Jean-François liked our attention to detail and management the most.

Alex & Kamy

Buyers and sellers

This was our second time working with Carole and her team, but our first as both buyers and sellers, so we still had a lot of questions about the entire process.

Carole was extremely patient with us, answering all our questions, and seemed to be available at any time. It didn’t matter how late or how early it was; we would e-mail her with questions or concerns and we would receive a response almost instantly.

In addition to her patience and availability, Carole went above and beyond our expectations when it came to the actual selling and buying. The entire process went smoothly and quickly, and in the end, we received exactly what we hoped for.

We have no hesitations in recommending Carole to anyone we know.

Alex & Kamy liked our patience the most.

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