Webinar: Co-Living – Legal & Financial Questions Answered Before Living with Friends or Family


Published April 17, 2024


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Co-living with friends or acquaintances and multi-generational living with family is becoming the new norm in Canada and a viable solution to housing that combats affordability as well as the lack of inventory. 

This is why we’ve arranged to host a series of webinars on the topic. In this, our first webinar of the series, we address items you MUST know before proceeding with this type of house-sharing. See below for information on our guest speakers. 

Michael Abrams, Partner – Kelly Santini LLP

Certified as a specialist in Real Estate by the Law Society of Ontario
+1 (613) 829-7171

Michael Abrams is a partner at Kelly Santini LLP whose clients include home buyers and seller, commercial real estate developers and small and mid-sized business owners. Michael has developed one of the Ottawa area’s most successful residential real estate practices and is Certified by the Law Society of Ontario as a Specialist in Real Estate Law. He has also acted as an instructor for the Ontario Real Estate Association’s Real Estate College licensing program.

Topics he will be covering:

  • Initial contemplation, who are the parties involved, what is the goal etc.
  • Need for an agreement before you start the search for a property
  • Items to consider within said agreement
  • Who needs to know?

Julie Sheremeto, Mortgage Broker –  The Mortgage Advisors

+1 (613) 266-6886 

Having entered the industry from a background in business, education, and mathematics, mortgage brokering is a great fit for Julie. She holds a B.Sc. in Atmospheric Science at York University, and a B. Ed. at Ottawa University which quickly turned in to 14 years of running a small business and teaching high school mathematics with the OCDSB. Julie graduated with a Masters of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo in the spring of 2017 and it was at that time she began her career as a mortgage broker. Julie is a dual-province license holder, with a brokerage in both British Columbia and Ontario. She splits her time between the two cities and has a team on the ground in both places to be able to assist you with all things around home financing.

Topics she will be covering:

  • Considerations for qualification for a mortgage: are all parties working? ages? established credit?
  • How many people can hold a mortgage
  • What credit is considered and exceptions to the general rules
  • Options for family members: gifted downpayments, just those working on title, establish contracts for future division of asset
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Issues to overcome with lenders, particularly if parties are not familial

Register for this webinar by emailing Carole at Carole@BarbandCarole.com or text and call her at 613-720-4886.

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