Ottawa Events: List of Websites to Find the Best Events


Published October 13, 2022


For years friends and acquaintances would ask “How did you find out about that event?” after I mentioned going to some obscure and terribly interesting activity. CBC Radio 1 was my go-to for years for information on what was going on in the Ottawa area that might interest my family and me. The unfortunate thing was that if I missed a particular show then I missed the information on the event too.

Well thank you Internet!!! Another problem solved! There are so many amazing access points for Ottawa events now that you can access ALL of the time. Some of these offer paid subscriptions. I ENCOURAGE you to subscribe. We need to support those who are trying to provide information to us. AND if YOU have a website to share that gives event information, PLEASE share it with us on the blog so that we can add it to the list.

Suggestion: Bookmark this blog page or save it to your desktop and refer back to it each month or on a boring weekend. And feel free to share it with others!

Best Ottawa Event Websites

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