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Published April 22, 2022


This month’s finds are 2 handy websites I found & use:

Did you know that I am a big time online gambler….that I buy things quite often online in Russia….. and that I can shop in multiple spots around the world all at the same time??!!! Yup! I am one of those people that has had online scamming happen to me. I opened up my email this morning and yet ANOTHER purchase notification that I had no knowledge of, was there. It was a VERY official-looking email from Paypal. Except that I had NOT bought anything from that online clothing store.

Two spots that are home to some of the biggest scams are Facebook & Instagram. They post absolutely amazing looking clothing…stunning and at great prices. I now research these companies prior to even thinking of buying from there. Just one more reason to buy locally…my two favourite local shops are Outskirts and Tweed & Hickory. When I research online non-local businesses which pop up in my social media,  not once has there been a positive review !

Where do I go to research these businesses AND scams? To this month’s finds on Trust Pilot  or  Scam Alert.

Now there are many websites which provide information on strictly Canadian scams taking place as well as where to report them. One such site is the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

In the last few weeks I have had the following TRY to scam me:

  • Norton (this one looks SOOO real)
  • Paypal (again looks real)
  • Revenue Canada…. Needless to say
  • Visa

Who have you had approach you recently? Please share! Do you have any sites that you find useful in educating you against scams? We would love to have you share these too!


  • Lois Feinholz says...

    Good site to use for checking the validity of posts you find online or in emails is
    I always use it before reposting or forwarding any article.

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