New Find: Or Not So New Find – Barb & Carole’s Lists of Favourites


Published May 14, 2024


My “New Find” this month is not so much a new find but rather a reminder of where you can find lists of some of our favourite things, in our blog which can be found near our listings page on the top of any page on our website.

Our Favourite Lists:

  1. Food!! This category contains recipes that we have put in past newsletters. These are favourite recipes that Barb & I have shared with friends and family and made and adjusted and are now sharing with you. You can search for a particular recipe quickly using the search box in the upper right hand side. I particularly like to add favourite gluten-free recipes here as I have so many gluten-intolerant friends. ALL recipes are divine! Also in this Food section is a collection of my favourite food spots in Ottawa and surrounding area!  Wondering where to go to celebrate or take a guest in town this summer? Check out my favourite restaurants!   I am always adding new ones as well.
  1. TV Have you ever spent more time searching for something to watch on tv than you have even spent on watching the show? I get so frustrated. I am sharing a variety of shows, movies, documentaries…all divided into categories, where to find them, and warnings re: sex/language/violence. (A personal pet peeve of mine is that what could be a great family viewing show is invariably full of the “F bomb”! Why?) They are typically shows that Harry & I watch together or some more mindless ones that I enjoy watching in 15 minute segments at noon over lunch. Again…I am always adding new ones. So check the blog when you are looking for a show to watch (again…. It it is near our listing’s page)
  2. Websites for events in Ottawa There are so many great sources of information for what is happening in the City of Ottawa and surrounding areas. Check here for everything from music festivals, holiday events, tourism sites and more!
  3. Ottawa trail systems guides  Want to discover a new path to hike or bike on in the region? Check out this blog to source spots to go to.
  4. Neighbourhoods Moving to the area or another part of the city and want information on the area? Barb has created info blogs on neighbourhoods such as Stittsville, Beaverbrook, Smith Falls, Bridlewood, Manor Park, Westboro and many more areas where we work. Check them out!
  5. Where to donate items This has been a Godsend for people both on the giving AND the receiving end of things! Check out this blog when you are spring/summer cleaning and want to share that gently used item!
  6. Where to buy items Always changing, check out this list when looking for everything from cheese to greeting cards. Carole is such a “List-Person”!!
  7. And…many more. Keep following our blog to find these and more lists.

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