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Published August 14, 2023

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NEWS FLASH: cold winter ahead!! As if this August isn’t cold enough…more is on the way!  Fall…synonymous with tasks such as cleaning gutters, putting gardens to bed, exchanging summer clothes for warmer clothing, winter tires AND furnace servicing!

My great find for you this month is ! (Remember of course that I have an arrangement with a great HVAC company for discounts on new furnaces, so call me before getting a company in!!)

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This website offers great information on HVAC systems all in one spot. Info such as:

  • A new furnace cost calculator! You can get a range to work with when starting to plan a furnace change, whether it be just a replacement OR changing fuels i.e. oil to natural gas.
  • Local companies to choose from. This is indeed what pays for this site, but certainly do not feel as though these are the only companies to choose from (our preferred company is not advertised there, for example). Word of mouth from a trusted source is always a preferred method (which is where the majority of our real estate business comes from) They also stress that Google Reviews are no longer the trusted source that they once were.
  • Government rebate program information. Note that you can source detailed info by creating a free account with the website. Get rebate info on everything from new furnaces, windows, window seals insulation to water heaters.
  • Need help choosing or fixing an air conditioner? This is the spot to help! How much they cost…what size to buy…how much to fix! I know…. Difficult to think about that in this weather!

So check it out and remember to give me a call if you need help with your HVAC system!

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