New Find: Holey Confections


Published July 21, 2023

Last edited March 01, 2024


Harry’s and my entertainment during Covid was beyond limited:

  • masked visits, eventually, with our precious grand-daughter Vivi
  • watching our nieces build a snowman in our front yard
  • sitting in our gazebo in -30C weather with a heater and friends 10 feet away
  • Facetime with family and friends

But one of the most exciting days was when our son, Colin and his wife, Sarah, brought us THE most decadent treat from friends of a friend who was making them in their basement. From humble beginnings they created a gourmet delight consisting of 140 layers of pastry in the shape of an O, in a multitude of different flavours and with delish icing and decorations! For people that know me they know that I react to chemicals and artificial flavouring. They also know that I am big on locally-sourced ingredients when possible. AND that I LOVE good food! Well this treat checked off all of my criteria! And more!

What was it? Holey Confections! Vaguely resembling a donut, this confection features a multitude of flavours with names that keep you guessing (I am sure that some of these names must be an evening’s entertainment for them over a glass or two of wine!).  Some of my favourite flavours:

  • Cookies ‘N Dream – 140 layers with Oreo’s in a homemade vanilla butter cream frosting
  • Sinnerman – 140 layers completely smothered in cinnamon & sugar
  • Nova – as strange as it sounds…140 layers dipped in a homemade maple glaze & topped with freshly cooked bacon!

Plus they have a number of absolutely decadent vegan choices for you too!!

They are located in three locations, where many of our clients live: Barrhaven, Orleans and Carleton Place. Check out their website Holey Confections website for more choices, locations and Holey Confection’s story.

 And… forget the calories….these are meant to be shared!!


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