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Published February 15, 2024

Last edited February 22, 2024


On August 24, 2023 the town of Carleton Place had an addition to its business community celebrate its grand opening…the Carleton Place Art Gallery.  Three local artists have come together and created not just an art gallery featuring their works but rotating works from artists throughout the region. But wait…not just creations but rather incredible pieces all shapes and sizes and prices so that there would be something for everyone here! 

Since that grand opening, the gallery has gone on to be a success for the community and for the artists, doing what many galleries have had difficulty doing…actually attracting purchasers and selling pieces. It has attracted some of the regions biggest and brightest as well as some of the most promising up and coming artists.

One of the three owners (and our past client) Ginny Fobert.

What really sets the gallery apart is that they are also holding events and workshops for all ages. What do they have planned for Family Day weekend?

The gallery also supports musicians! They have musical events with the following artists:

And what a wonderful opportunity to enjoy talks and discussions in a great space:

Hands-On Workshops: get creative!

Thinking outside the box, the owners also rent space for individual studio time, small group bookings for special events and event bookings for up to 50 people (receptions, concerts and more). 

So cross the bridge in Carleton Place and the gallery is right there!!! Enjoy a lunch or dinner in one of the amazing restaurants and then head on over to the gallery!!!  AND we will be keeping you in the loop about an upcoming Carleton Place tour event featuring the gallery…so keep an eye out on our website. Do you have a favourite art gallery in Ottawa? Let us know which one in the comments below. 

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