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Published December 29, 2023

Last edited May 15, 2024


Welcome to my cozy corner of the internet! Today, I’m excited to share my current favorite TV shows and movies, carefully curated for those moments when you want to unwind with your significant other or just indulge in some wind down time by yourself. We all need that perfect mix, right?

Please…feel free to share your favorites in the comments section – let’s turn this into a virtual living room where we swap recommendations and streaming secrets! Please keep updating and sharing with others. And note…I hate slapstick comedy, so do NOT expect that when you read “comedy”.

Series: Actions/Drama 

  1. “Night Agent” (Netflix): Action/thriller. Violence. It’s a great mix of action and story. Each show has a bit of a common thread but an individual story in each. Not the best acting, but great writing.
  2. “The Diplomat” (Netflix): Drama with violence & language. One of my new all time favourites starring Keri Russell & Rufus Sewell. Amazing writing and acting. A story that carries through the season.
  3. The English Game” (Netflix) : Limited series. Historical Drama. History of Soccer!
  4. “The Crown” (Netflix): Historical drama. Story of the British Royal Family.
  5. “The Good Wife” series followed by “The Good Fight” series (Prime) Two amazing Legal dramas
  6. “Bosch” (Crave) Legal drama
  7. “Lincoln Lawyer” (Netflix) Legal Drama Not the best acting but well written.
  8. “Drops of God” (Apple) Limited series ideal for wine enthusiasts! 
  9. “Little Fires Everywhere” (Prime) Drama & suspense Limited series from 2020 with great writing & acting.
  10. “We Crashed” (Apple) Limited series based on story of the company We Work. Great writing & acting with Anne Hatheway.
  11. “The New Look” (Apple) WWII Historical drama of Christian Dior & Coco Chanel. Excellent!
  12. “Lessons In Chemistry” (Apple) Drama. Limited series. Suggested by Lynn Boudreault.

Series: Feel-Good or Comedy 

  1. “Offspring” (Hulu) : Comedy/drama. Australian gem about an obstetrician and her offbeat family!! 7 seasons says it all!! There is a reason that I put it #1 here. You might have to subscribe to Hulu for a month. Worth it!
  2. “Catastrophe” (Prime): A romantic comedy sitcom. Great writing/acting. Sex and language (ok… is there a common theme here???)
  3. “Fleabag” (Amazon Prime Video): Comedy-drama. Language, sex, you name it. Award-winning!
  4. “Rita” (Netflix) : Comedy/Drama about a school teacher. Danish. Subtitles (DO listen to it in Danish so you do not miss the emotion.) Language, Sex, and much more. BUT running for 5 seasons means something.
  5. “Ted Lasso” (Apple TV+): Addictive Feel-good. Language (lots of F-Bombs) It’s the story of an American football coach navigating the world of English soccer, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the characters.
  6. “The Great” (Prime) Warning- sex, language, violence. Historical comedy starring Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great. Yes…a historical comedy. Get past the sex and language and get addicted to it!

Movies: Feel Good

  1. “Jerry & Marge Go Large” (Prime). A 2022 Comedy-drama based on a true story and most delightful. A Feel-Good movie staring Bryan Cranston & Annette Bening.
  2. “Phantom of the Open” (Amazon Prime): Comedy based on a true story and NOT to be missed!!! Another Feel Good golf movie. I hate golf and LOVED this movie!! A great choice for a lighthearted movie night.
  3. “Rumble: the Indians that rocked the world” (Netflix): SUCH an important 2017 music documentary re the musical contributions and pop culture influence of Indigenous artists in North America.
  4. “Cyrano” (Prime) Musical/historic drama. Loved!
  5. “Miss Potter” (Prime) Biography/drama of Beatrix Potter. LEAVING PRIME SOON SO WATCH!
  6. “Still Breathing” (Prime) 1998 Drama/comedy/romance with Brendan Fraser.
  7. “My Old Lady” (Prime). 2014 Romance/comedy
  8. “Still Breathing” (Prime) 1998 Drama/comedy/romance with Brendan Fraser.
  9. “Bank of Dave” (Netflix) Drama/Comedy/Feel good
  10. “The Englishman who went up a hill and came down a mountain (Netflix) 1995 Drama/comedy

Movies: Action/Drama

  1. “Operation Mincemeat” (Netflix) Action
  2. “The Adam Project” (Netflix) 2022 Action
  3. “The Gray Man” (Netflix) Action
  4. “The Vault” (Netflix) Action Subtitles
  5. “The Report” (Prime) Thriller
  6. “The Debt” (Prime) Action/Thriller
  7. “Maestro” (Netflix) Award-winning drama on Leonard Bernstein’s relationships. 
  8. The Holdovers (Prime) suggested by Beth Hatt! This one was special to me as I had spent a weekend at the school, Groton School outside Boston, when my cousin Mac Reid taught there! Award-winning drama
  9. Past Lives (Prime) suggested by Beth Hatt. Drama. 
  10. The Woman In Gold (Prime) with Helen Mirren & Ryan Reynolds. Excellent!

Be sure to add your favourites in the comment section please!

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